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Sherman Genealogy Work Starts
The Dalles Chronicle

Sherman County cemetery records are being updated and information sought for solitary and unmarked graves. In the third year of this project, Mark Fields of Salem and Sherry Kaseberg of Wasco are collaborating on updating records of Wasco Methodist Cemetery and Sunrise Cemetery, both northwest of Wasco.

Cris Sanders of Kettle Falls, Wash., joined the team with an offer to read all of Sherman County's microfilmed newspapers and transcribe death notices and obituaries. She has completed work up to the mid-1950s and
has indexing under way.

To request information, Internet genealogists will access www.USGenWeb or www.rootsweb, then Oregon, then Sherman County. Adrienne Sexton of Salem manages this Sherman County web site. (This and other county genealogy
sites are also linked to the county listings under The Dalles Chronicle's website, www.gorgenews.com. Go to Government index and follow the link to Counties, then Sherman County.)

It is hoped that simple concrete or metal posts can be purchased to permanently mark those graves without headstones, in the above cemeteries and in solitary sites around the county. Those interested in assisting with this should contact Kaseberg at 442-5514.

The City of Grass Valley clerk, Carol von Borstel, and Sherman High School student, Tim Patten, are collaborating on a data base for the Grass Valley Cemetery using Kaseberg's 1960s survey. Over 40 unmarked graves exist in the Grass Valley and two Wasco cemeteries. Selling cemetery lots is greatly complicated by this and the fact that purchased
cemetery lots are not deeded or bequeathed to others.

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