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Civil War Veterans of Sherman County

 Ireland, DeWitt C. 
1836 - 1913; aka DeWitt Clinton Ireland; 3 month enlistment 1861 & company 
disbanded; to Oregon fall of 1861; lived Moro; editor Sherman County Observer; buried MoroCemetery, re-interred years later at Zion Memorial Cemetery at Canby, OR; [Sherman County Observer 10 January 1913].

*James, George W. 
25 November 1839 Marshall Co., IL - 25 November 1901 Portland, OR; Private, Co. H, 77th Illinois Infantry, 9 August 1862 to 10 July 1865;  charter member W.T.        Sherman Post #4, GAR; lived Moro; h/o  Mary E. Bennington; buried Rose        Cemetery; [Sherman County Observer, 29 November 1901].

Johnson, John H. 
1838 - 1923; W.T. Sherman Post #4, GAR, Department of Oregon; h/o Catherine;
buried Wasco Sunrise Cemetery.

Kaseberg, John C.
1831 Wettesingen, Germany - 1906 Walla Walla, WA; Private, Co. K, 5th Missouri Infantry, 11 May 1861 to 31 August 1861, as a wagon maker, & 5 months and 10 days, St. Louis Arsenal; to Sherman County 1882; lived Wasco & Walla Walla; h/o Henrietta Sommerkamp; buried Walla Walla, WA; [Sherman County Observer, 13 & 20  April 1906; Wasco News, 6 April 1906].

*Marquis, Francis M.
Private, Co. C, 87th Ohio, 1 June 1862 to 29 October 1862; lived Grass Valley; [not found in Oregon Death Index].

*Meader, George 
May 1842 Maine -            ; Private; lived Moro area 30 years; to Newberg, OR by 1922; h/o Julia; [1900 Soundex ED 36 sheet 2 line 89, Moro Precinct].

*Messinger, John W.
1846 - 1920; Private, Co. B, 1st Oregon Infantry;  December 1864 to July 1866; lived at Erskine; h/o Burzilda Olds; buried Moro Cemetery. 

Morris,  Joseph T. 
1844 - 1925; Co. K, 3rd Regiment, Illinois Cavalry; W.T. Sherman Post #4, Department of Oregon; buried Wasco Sunrise Cemetery.

Morrow, John 
1830 - 18 December 1903; Co. H, 7th Illinois Infantry; to Sherman County 1888; h/o Mary Shoup; W.T. Sherman Post, GAR; buried Wasco Sunrise Cemetery; [Wasco News, 25 December 1903].

Nish, Alexander 
15 February 1840 Scotland - March 1937; Co. I, 95th Illinois Infantry under his uncle Captain James Nish; W.T. Sherman Post, GAR; h/o Harriet Thompson; to Sherman County 1891; farmed E of Moro at Monkland; reportedly the only Civil War veteran in three counties in 1927; last Civil War veteran in Sherman County at his death;  McDonald Station on the Columbia Southern Railroad through Sherman County was re-named Nish in his honor; buried Rose Cemetery.  OBIT?

Neece, Harrison 
9 January1832 TN - 9 May 1897; h/o Mary M. Derrick; buried Moro Cemetery; [Sherman County Observer, Moro, Oregon].

Ornduff, Samuel P.
1842 IL - 7 February 1901, E of Wasco, Sherman County, OR; h/o Nancy Everett;       Co. F, 3rd Iowa Cavalry; charter member W.T. Sherman Post #4, GAR; buried Wasco Sunrise Cemetery; [Sherman County Observer, 15 February 1901].

Parry, John M.
     -1920; [not listed in Oregon Death Index]; [Sherman County Observer, 27 April 1917: obituary of J.M. Parry’s brother Will H. Parry, who died in Washington, DC, noted that John M. Parry “was with the army of the Potomac before Petersburg, VA.”].

Penland, Theodore
    - 13 September 1950, 101.5 years old; Co. A, 152nd Indiana Infantry; [not found in
Oregon Death Index].  

*Pike, Benjamin Franklin
24 November 1840 Newburyport, MA - 20 August 1926 Grass Valley, Oregon; Co. B,40th New York Infantry, 25 May 1861 to 18 November 1862; Private, Co. A, 34th Ohio           Infantry, 18 December 1862 to 13 January 1866; lived near Moro; commander, OR GAR; h/o Mahala  G. Denny; died Grass Valley home of son I.D., funeral at Grass  Valley; buried IOOF Cemetery, The Dalles; [death certificate].

Pyburn, Jacob
ca. 1849-1901; Co. F, 1st Oregon Infantry; h/o Susan Mulkey; buried Wasco Sunrise Cemetery; [Sherman County Observer, 22 March 1901]. 

Radcliff, William H.
December 1835 OH -    ; Co. E, 128th Ohio Infantry; lived Wasco Precinct in 1900 with Alice D., age 47 years, born OH; buried Wasco Sunrise Cemetery; [1900 Soundex ED 37 sheet 6 line 82, Wasco Precinct].

*Ragsdale, Christopher C.
    - 1894, Portland, OR; Private, Co. B, 2nd Kansas Cavalry, 1863-1865; h/o Mary L. Hampton.

Richelderfer, Henry
1846 - 1926; 214th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry; h/o Mary Evans; to NW of Wasco
1878; buried Wasco Sunrise Cemetery; [Wasco News Enterprise, 8 April 1926].

*Schaeffer, John Jesse 
24 June 1845 OH - 1931; Private, Co. F, 145th Ohio Infantry,  April 1863 to May 1865; lived Moro; h/o Mary Elizabeth Snodderly; buried Moro Cemetery; [Sherman County Journal, 15 May 1931].

"When the railroad was built up the Deschutes River, 1909-1910, [in Grass Valley] there was a hospital above the Citizens Commercial store...a large hotel, the Vintin Hotel, a millinery and dress shop in the hotel...a restaurant...two livery to rent...harness shop...butcher shop...Plyler's barber shop...two grocery stores...hardware...two banks...the weekly Grass Valley Journal...shoe repair shop."
Marie Morrison Wilcox

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