Wasco and Sherman County  Directory 1898
Published by Portland Directory Company, Portland, Oregon.

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Bigelow [Biglow]:
A farmhouse post office, in the eastern part of Sherman County.

Ager, L.C., laborer. 
Aldridge, W.H., laborer. 
Bartley, J.W. 
Boyd, L.T., laborer. 
Brock, G.A., laborer. 
Chrisman, Hugh, $70, farmer. 
Cooper, H.M., laborer. 
Cooper, W.S., 867 acres, $2215, farmer. 
Doane, A.R., 360 acres, $1100, farmer. 
Engberg, J.W., 160 acres, $690, farmer. 
Elrod, E.W. and Son, farmers. 
Elrod, E.W.,  
Elrod, J.O. 
Everett, Mrs. E.A., $90. 
Everett, H.E., 160 acres, $545, farmer. 
Fridley, George C., 120 acres, $1410, farmer. 
Fridley, Miss Nettie, 160 acres, $440. 
Froebe, E.M. 480 acres, $1600, farmer. 
Froebe, W.N., laborer. 
Fuller, W.C., 320 acres, $1150, farmer. 
Girt, Miss Bell. 
Girt, Ed, laborer. 
Girt, Wayne, farmer. 
Hall, Mrs. Viola R., 160 acres, $500, farmer. 
Hall, W.R., laborer. 
Happold, Adolph, 320 acres, $1265, farmer. 
Harper, Charles, laborer. 
Herin, Richard, laborer. 
Herin, W.C., laborer. 
Hill, Charles, 463 acres, $1925, farmer. 
Hill, Mrs. H.R., 160 acres, $700, farmer. 
Jacobson, J. laborer. 
Johnson, B.F., laborer. 
Johnson, John H., 480 acres, $1745, farmer. 
Johnson, John T., $15, laborer. 
Johnson, J.R., $35, farmer.  
Jones, C.E., laborer. 
Kenney, R.C., 160 acres, $510, farmer. 
Laughter, H., farmer. 
Lester, Amos, farmer. 
Lester, J.B., laborer. 
Lester, L., laborer. 
Long, N.C., laborer. 
Louis, Jacques, 320 acres, $1000, farmer. 
Lynch, John, 480 acres, $1510, farmer. 
Matney, J.D., laborer. 
Molesworth, Arthur, laborer. 
Montgomery, B.F., $70, farmer. 
Moon, Wm., laborer. 
Orndorff, J., laborer. 
Orndorf, Mrs. N., $60. 
Orndorff, Pearl, laborer. 
Orndorff, S., laborer. 
Osborn, H.S., laborer. 
Patten, Joseph, laborer.  
Peddicord, P.F., $135, farmer. 
Peddicord, Mrs. S.O., 160 acres, $670, farmer. 
Pickerd, W., laborer. 
Porter, H.K., 168 acres, $670, farmer. 
Rayburn, F.M., 480 acres, $925, farmer. 
Rayburn, W.J., 480 acres, $600, farmer. 
Robinson, P.H., $265, farmer. 
Robinson, T.M., $20, farmer. 
Spencer, J.N., laborer. 
Underwood, A.V., laborer. 
Van Patton, F.W., farmer. 
Weir, James, 1040 acres, $2560, farmer. 
Wilde, J.W., laborer. 
Witchey, F.B., laborer.

A post, telegraph and express town on the line of the OR&N Ry. [Oregon Rail and Navigation Company], 108 miles east of Portland. In 1897 the Columbia Southern commenced to build its road from here into the interior, and completed as far as Wasco in time to handle the grain crop of that year. Biggs is the northern terminus of this road. Being also a station on the OR&N, it brings the interior of Wasco County in close connection with the trunk lines east, and the water highway of Oregon, the Columbia river.

Anderson, Victor, laborer. 
Anthony, D.A., laborer. 
Beagle, W.M., car insp OR&N Co. 
Blau, Fred, 160 acres, $450, farmer. 
Bull, M.A., laborer. 
Clark, L., $1050. 
Clodfelter, C.E., foreman, Pac C E Co. 
Collins, L.F., laborer. 
Columbia Commericial Co., J.P. Yates, agent, wheat buyers. 
Cutchier, P., farmer. 
Farmers Co-op Warehouse Ass’n., O.W. Richardson agent. 
Fulton, Miss A., 640 acres, $1280, farmer. 
Fulton, C.F., 880 acres, $2050, farmer. 
Fulton, David, 720 acres, $1985, farmer. 
Fulton, Frank, farmer. 
Fulton, John 800 acres, $3005, farmer. 
Graham, John 960 acres, $3795, farmer. 
Graham, Louise J., 160 acres, $200. 
Hines, L.S., farmer. 
Hines, Mrs. Salina, 160 acres, $475. 
Hines, W.E., 160 acres, $400, farmer. 
Huffman, George, 160 acres, $370, farmer. 
Isaacs, Miss G., 160 acres, $240. 
King, W.M., farmer. 
McAllister, J.H., agt OR&N Co. and Columbia Southern Railway. 
McDonald, Dixon, gen mdse and P.M., 640 acres, $4075. 
Madden, Lysander, farmer. 
Miller, Mrs. Isabella, $160. 
Miller, Joseph J., 92 acres, $40, farmer. 
Miller, Thomas, farmer. 
Miller, W.E., $400, farmer. 
Mulholland, Dan, section foreman OR&N Co., res. Deschutes. 
Noyes, J.H., $65, farmer. 
Noyes, S.H., farmer, 160 acres, $400. 
Pacific Coast Elevator Co., wheat buyers, $2600. 
Price, Samuel R., hotel, $125.  
Richardson, Mrs. M.A., $230. 
Richardson, O.W., agt., FCW Ass’n. 
Shannon, James M., farmer, 613 acres, $1360. 
Shearer, H.T., laborer. 
Thomas, William H., farmer. 
Tom, Charles H., farmer, 117 acres, $350. 
Tom, Mary C., 320 acres, $1000. 
Walker Bros. [E., M., J.G., & Wm.], harvesters. 
Walker, Elmer, farmer. 
Walker, J.G., farmer, 160 acres, $400. 
Walker, Morgan, farmer. 
Walker, Wm., farmer. 
Watkins, A.F., farmer. 
White, W.S., farmer. 
Whitney, B.R., farmer. 
Williams, Thomas D., farmer, 160 acres, $450. 
Yates, J.P., agent CC Co.


A post office near the eastern line of Sherman County, reached by team from Blalock, 10 miles.

David, J.E., farmer, 40 acres, $100. 
Irvine, Mrs. Ina, 40 acres, $80. 
Irvine, William, stockman. 
Jansey, A.T., farmer. 
McAllister, Charles, stockman. 
McAndrew, John, farmer. 
McKenney, Mose, farmer. 
Smith, William, stockman.  


A farm post office on route of Grant, Wasco and Moro stage line, 3 miles north of Moro. Mail daily. 

Allison, W.E., 320 acres, $900. 
Atkinson, J., 120 acres, $340. 
Belchee, C.H. 
Cochran, B.T. 
Cochran, M.L. 
Cochran, T.F. 
Corson, George. 
DeMoss, George, music teacher, 240 acres, $365. 
DeMoss, Henry, music teacher, 320 acres, $700. 
DeMoss, James M., 160 acres, $795. 
DeMoss, J.E., music teacher. 
DeMoss, Miss L.I., 240 acres, $460. 
Davis, A.M. 
Davis, G.C. 
Davis, W.D. 
Dougherty,  J.W., carpenter. 
Foss, J.F., wagon maker. 
Herrin, Jasper. 
Hilderbrand, R. 
Hockman, J.C. 
Laughter, H., farmer, 480 acres, $1660. 
McDermid, Archie, 320 acres, $1325. 
McDermid, John, 480 acres, $1920. 
Mathias, Dore, $310. 
Mathias, Fred W., $60. 
Miller, J.H. 
Miller, K.V. 
Mitchell, J.S., hotel and blacksmith. 
Mitchell, Mattie. 
Newman, J.D., meat market. 
Newman, Myra. 
Nixon, Ellen. 
Nixon, William. 
Pickard, W.A., teamster. 
Seiders, Miss E.A. 
Seiders, J.H. 
Seiders, Mary A. 
Stockings, I.K. 
Strachan, George. 
Strahl, J.P. 
Strahl, M.E. 
Webb, A.E. 
Webb, C.B., farmer, 160 acres, $500. 
Webb, C.S. 
Whitelock, B.F. 
Wikoff, Ellen V. 
Woods, Albert, $100. 
Woods, James, 320 acres, $1200. 
Woods, Julia A., teacher.


A farm post office 3 miles south of Moro, reached by stage from that place. Mail daily from Moro.

Coyle, John, 160 acres, $680. 
Cushman, E.A., farmer. 
Erskine, Abel, postmaster, 320 acres, $1230. 
Farra, Elizabeth, $85. 
Farra, T.J., 160 acres, $700. 
Gow, Leroy, farmer. 
Huff, Sherman. 
Johnson, Johan, farmer, 160 acres, $650. 
King, O.P., 640 acres, $1510. 
King, Presley, 320 acres, $1200.  
McCollaugh, J. 
Messinger, Mrs. Brazilda, $70. 
Messinger, Edgar, 157 acres, $940. 
Messinger, E.G. 
Messinger, Fred R., farmer, $55. 
Messinger, J.W., 320 acres, $1545, farmer. 
Messinger, O.B., 160 acres, $505, farmer, 
Spicer, W.L. 
Spicer, J.M. 
White, W.E.


A farm-house post office, reached by stage from Monkland. 

Allen & Campbell, 943 acres, $2300. 
Barber, E. 
Brownlee, Albert A., 137 acres, $300. 
Brownley, H.H. 
Charlton, G.H. 
Fredburg, John, 240 acres, $610. 
Gibson, Wm. 
Golliher, Charles. 
Green, Frank. 
Hansen, Hans. 
McAndrew, J. 
McCoy, J.P., $70. 
McElner, G.B. 
McElvain, M.E., 320 acres, $650. 
Moffitt, Thomas J., 800 acres, $2475. 
Morgan, Finlay. 
Morrow, Harry E., 160 acres, $490. 
Morrow, Jerome, 160 acres, $320. 
Morrow, John, 160 acres, $320. 
Morrow, Monroe, $15. 
Newton, R. 
Pape, Herman, 160 acres, $465. 
Penrose, I. 
Pflug, Albert. 
Pursiful, John, 240 acres, $450. 
Rader, Miles. 
Rieumile, Ben, 160 acres, $400. 
Saunders, Joseph. 
Smith, Jeptha A., 160 acres, $500. 
Uren, Carl. 
Uren, John C., 170 acres, $400. 
Wilson, W.L.


A post office and station on the O. R. and N Ry., 111 miles east of Portland.  Stages leave this place for different points in Sherman County. A ferry across the Columbia river is operated from here. There is express and telegraph and telephone communications with Grant.

Bartlett, W.F., section foreman for OR&N Co. 
Blair, H.G. stage driver. 
Bohan, Mrs. Mary. 
Bohan, Mike, 160 acres, $300, farmer. 
Bohan, Mike, Jr. $50, farmer. 
Bozarth, Wm., farmer. 
Brown, F.E., Prop., Grant, Wasco & Moro Stage Line. 
Carson, S.L. 370 acres, $1300, farmer. 
Childers, Eva, waitress, Slade & Cooley. 
Columbia Commercial Company, $1650, E.O. McCoy, secretary, Grain Buyers. 
Cooper, Miss Katie, teacher. 
Enos, E.W., book agent. 
Felch, C.W., clk, OR&N Co. 
Fleck, Peter, 28 acres, $500, fruit grower. 
Fuller, A.K., farmer. 
Gaylord, A.H., agent OR&N Co. 
Gibert, E.A., night operator, OR&N Co. 
Hailey, B.F., 160 acres, $725, farmer. 
Hailey, L.C., 160 acres, $360, farmer
Hanlon, P., night watchman, OR&N Co. 
Hoggard, Charles, general merchandise, $650. 
Hoggard, Wm., postmaster. 
Hoover, A.B., book agent. 
Hull, F.A., laborer. 
Hull, Charles, farmer. 
Hull, Frank, $50, farmer. 
Hull, John, 160 acres, $500, farmer. 
Ingraham, ____ , farmer. 
Jones, Lester, stage driver. 
Kee, Lee, Prop. Grant Hotel
Linderman, J.P., carpenter. 
McCabe, Joe, hostler, C.W. Slade. 
McCoy, E.O., 1,724 acres, $9,715, real estate, secretary CC Co. 
McDonald, W.G., clerk. 
Miller, Edward, farmer. 
Miller, Thomas, farmer. 
Morris, Joseph T., 145 acres, $375, fruit grower. 
Murray, Mrs. Isabella, 108 acres, $600, fruit grower. 
Murray, William, 160 acres, $400, fruit grower. 
Neece, T.C., 160 acres, $550, fruit grower. 
Quong, cook, Grant Hotel. 
Slade, C.W., Slade and Cooley, livery stable. 
Slade and Cooley, $925, prop. Hotel and livery stable. 
Underhill, John, stage driver. 
Underhill, W.J., stage driver. 
Waterbury, S.P., $200, hotel. 

Grass Valley:

A town in Sherman County, 30 miles south of the Columbia river and 40 miles from The Dalles; receives mail by daily stage via Wasco and Moro. Grass Valley is the most southerly town of any size in the county. It has two hotels and livery stables, two general stores and a newspaper, The Grass Valley Journal. The Middle Oregon Baptist Academy is also located here. Postmaster: C.E. Brown. 

First Baptist Church, Rev. R. Hargreaves, pastor. 
AOUW, Grass Valley Lodge No. 65. 
IOOF, Grass Valley Lodge No. 131. 
IORM Modoc Camp No. 39. 
PHC, Good Samaritan Circle No. 325. 
WOW, Grass Valley Lodge No. 366. 
Allen, James, farmer. 
Allison, J.P., farmer. 
Allison, R.L., farmer. 
Allison, R.D., farmer. 
Bailey, Miss Mattie, teacher, Middle Oregon Baptist Academy. 
Atkins, W.H., farmer. 
Bain, W.E., 320 acres, $600, farmer. 
Barnett, J.P., farmer. 
Bates, G.W., 80 acres, $400, farmer. 
Batman, Charles W., 160 acres, $400, farmer. 
Bennett, R.C., 160 acres, $500, farmer. 
Berger, J.H., furniture, carpenter, contractor, undertaker. 
Booten, Mrs. M., 23 acres, $175. 
Booten, R., $275, stock raiser. 
Bourhill, George B., justice of the peace, Bourhill & Co.,  320 acres, $1420. 
Bourhill & Co., [George B. Bourhill, J.A. Morrissey, W.F.  Wiegand], hardware store. 
Brown, C.E., $10, postmaster, proprietor, Grass Valley Journal. 
Brown, Mrs. C.E., assistant postmaster. 
Brown, John W., $445, farmer. 
Brownhill, Timothy,  ins agent and farmer. 
Buckley, Charles A., 80 acres, $1145, sheep raiser. 
Buckley, Minnie F. 320 acres, $700. 
Burns, S., farmer. 
Campbell, Richmond L., farmer. 
Case, C.M., farmer. 
Cavadini, G.C., farmer. 
Clements, George D., $30, boots, shoes, harness & saddles. 
Clements, J.H., farmer. 
Clark, Mrs. A.J., $200. 
Clark, F.E., 157 acres, $450, farmer. 
Clark, J.W., farmer. 
Cleveland, M.F. 
Coon, A., 320 acres, $900, farmer. 
Coon, C. Howard, $165, farmer. 
Coon, J.B., farmer. 
Coyle, John, farmer. 
Cramer, Thomas, $530, sheep raiser. 
Curl, C.W., 960 acres, $2555, farmer. 
Curl, D.H., farmer. 
Cushman, Obed, 320 acres, $900, farmer. 
Daugherty, Benjamin E., farmer. 
Davenport, Ed, clerk, Scott & Co. 
Davis, E.C., 320 acres, $900, farmer. 
Davis, P.C., farmer. 
Denis, James, mortgage loans
Detjen, John, farmer. 
Dugger, G.W., farmer. 
Dunn, Ralph, blacksmith, J. Dunn. 
Dupuy, Miss Frankie, compositor, Grass Valley Journal. 
Dupuy, Thad H., local editor, Grass Valley Journal. 
Dyce, H., farmer. 
Evans, G.M., farmer. 
Fairchild, A.B., 160 acres, $400, farmer. 
Fairchild, C.W., farmer. 
Fairfield, Wm., feed mill. 
Foster, Albert, farmer. 
Foster, S., farmer. 
Fredenburg, Rev. C.H., minister. 
French, C.F., 440 acres, $1000, farmer. 
French, F.M., 160 acres, $395, farmer. 
French, L.R., 360 acres, $1090, farmer. 
French, R.E., 160 acres, $400, farmer. 
Frock, Henry, stone mason. 
Gilham, W.S., 160 acres, $450, farmer. 
Gilman, Charles N., 160 acres, $450, farmer. 
Gibson, Mrs. A., dressmaker. 
Grass Valley Building Assn., C.W. Moore, president, $200. 
Grass Valley House, R. Smith, proprietor. 
Grass Valley Journal, C.E. Brown, proprietor and editor. 
Grass Valley Trombone Band, R.C. Bennett, leader. 
Grosser, Adolph, Grosser Bros. 
Grosser Bros., 320 acres, $920. 
Grosser, H., Grosser Bros. 
Grouse, Charles, laborer. 
Hargreaves, Rev. R., principal Middle Oregon Baptist Academy  and pastor Baptist Church. 
Haug, Albert, A., attorney-at-law. 
Hawley, B.M., 160 acres, $350, farmer. 
Hawley, Grant, $40, farmer. 
Hays, James, farmer. 
Hays, John, $140, farmer. 
Heath, C.A., C.A. Heath & Sons. 
Heath, C.A. & Sons, 820 acres, $2670, farmers. 
Heath, E.F., C.A. Heath & Sons. 
Heath, L., C.A. Heath & Sons. 
Hembree, A.L., 320 acres, $1175, farmer. 
Henton, M.F.S., minister. 
Herren, J.H., blacksmith, James Thompson. 
Hillgen, W.H., farmer. 
Hill, L.B., farmer. 
Hill, P.S., farmer. 
Hogan, R., farmer. 
Holder, Adam, $40, farmer. 
Holder, Mrs. J.A., $300. 
Holmes, Samuel B., 320 acres, $975, farmer. 
Houghton, A., farmer. 
Huff, Charles K., farmer. 
Huff, Mrs. Ida, $80. 
Iams, Frank, farmer. 
James, H.S. 
James, Miss J., school teacher. 
Jennings, George N., farmer. 
Jewell, I.W., blacksmith. 
Jones, Fred, 320 acres, $825, farmer. 
Jones, Mrs. M.M., $50. 
Jones, Robert, 160 acres, $510, farmer. 
Keast, Adam, 160 acres, $450, farmer. 
Kelsay, B.S., 480 acres, $2930, sheep raiser. 
Kelsay, Gillis, sheep raiser. 
Kelsay, L.C., 160 acres, $4255, sheep raiser. 
Kerr, W.J., sheep raiser. 
King, O.P., meat market. 
King, R.H., 320 acres, $1780, farmer.  
Kohansky, Ed, farmer. 
Knudsen, Peter, 480 acres, $1250, farmer. 
Krusow, Fred, 480 acres, $995, farmer. 
Lemon, I.N., 320 acres, $1020, farmer. 
Lemon, Walter F., $25, farmer. 
Lewis, Edgar, $65, farmer. 
Link, Henry, 480 acres, $1100. 
Logan, E., princ public school. 
Lyons, F.A., $125, farmer. 
McLeod, Ellen E., 357 acres, $850, farmer. 
Mahany, E.C., carpenter and insurance agent. 
Marquis, J.H., 160 acres, $400, teamster. 
Marquis, Mrs. M., $35. 
Marshall, Warren D., farmer. 
Middle Oregon Baptist Academy, Rev. Hargreaves, principal. 
Mills, C.K., farmer. 
Mitchell, J.S., farmer. 
Moore, C.W., Moore & Rollins, 160 acres, $665. 
Moore & Rollins, C.W. Moore & C.R. Rollins, general merchandise, $6365. 
Morrisey [Morrissey], Mrs. Mary, 160 acres, $320. 
Morrisey & Wiegands, 960 acres, $3170, hardware. 
Munger, James, wagon maker. 
Nachand, Ed, farmer. 
Nachand, Henry, $265, farmer. 
Neece, T.Clay, teacher, Middle Oregon Baptist Academy. 
Nelson, Ed, painter and paper hanger. 
Nelson, P.E., painter. 
Newcomb, Bert, $115, farmer. 
Newcomb, S., 140 acres, $325, farmer. 
Newcomb, T., 160 acres, $450, farmer. 
Noguier, John, farmer. 
Noble, A.J., manufacturing agent
Offield, Arthur L., $40, farmer. 
Offield, Mrs. A.J., 139 acres, $400. 
Offield, W.A., farmer. 
O’Leary, J.V., 550 acres, $1635, sheep raiser, county stock inspector. 
Olds, Emmett, 160 acres, $1005, farmer. 
Olds, Lewis A., $70, farmer. 
Patterson, M.A., 160 acres, farmer. 
Perrault, Adolph, 480 acres, $1160, farmer. 
Perrault, George, 320 acres, $600, farmer. 
Perrault, Henry, 320 acres, $700, farmer. 
Perrault, H. & A., $270, farmers. 
Perrault, Napoleon, farmer. 
Peters, Henry, 160 acres, $300, farmer. 
Rawlins, Charles, painter. 
Reckman, Herman, farmer. 
Rollins, C.M., laborer. 
Rollins, C.R., Moore & Rollins, 160 acres, $800. 
Schwartz, George W., 160 acres, $490, farmer. 
Scott, A., Scott & Co. 
Scott, E., Scott & Co. 
Scott, A. & E., general merchandise, 640 acres, $14,950. 
Smith, Augustus, 160 acres, $400, farmer. 
Smith, Alex, sheep raiser. 
Smith, Ed, farmer. 
Smith, Harry, $90, farmer. 
Smith, Mrs. Hattie L., school teacher. 
Smith, J. Harvey, 1360 acres, $6005, sheep raiser. 
Smith, Miss Minnie, notions and confectionery. 
Smith, M.C., farmer. 
Smith, Ransom, $138, farmer. 
Smith, R., prop Grass Valley House and livery stable. 
Snook, W.H., phys and surg, drugs. 
Spencer, E.A., laborer. 
Sproul, A.C., laborer. 
Stanton, Bert, farmer. 
Stanton, C.A., farmer. 
Stanton, G.H., farmer. 
Tegethoff, Antonio, laborer. 
Thompson, James H., blacksmith. 
Tilson, A.M., sheep raiser. 
Titus, G.F., farmer. 
Turner, J., boot and shoemaker. 
Van Winkle, James A., 160 acres, $475, farmer. 
Vinton, David, 139 acres, $475, farmer. 
Vinton, George C. Sr., 160 acres, $520, farmer and livery stable. 
Vinton, George C. Jr., 320 acres, $1515, stock raiser. 
Vintin House, Mrs. M.E. Vintin, prop., $700. 
Vinton, Miss Lottie, school teacher. 
Vinton, Roy, farmer. 
Willett, John, farmer. 
Willis, J.W., $190, farmer. 


A farmhouse post office in the southern part of Sherman County.

Bennett, A.C., $65. 
Bennett, Frank. 
Bennett, M.H., 320 acres, $700. 
Bennett, W.H., 
Blakeley, F.S. 
Blosick, Tom. 
Brown, B.M. 
Chisholm, D. 
Clarke, J.W. 
Craig, J.K. 
Cramer, Ambrose. 
Cramer, Blake. 
Cramer, Thomas. 
Comstock, Albert. 
Comstock, D.G., 160 acres, $400. 
Coutu, George, 980 acres, $2195. 
Daugherty, John. 
Dickerson, J.A., 320 acres, $300. 
Dunahue, John, 320 acres, $750. 
Eaton, J.J. 
Elliott, George. 
Garfield, D.W. 
Gildchrist, George. 
Glisan, Wm. 
Grassli, Caspar, 320 acres, $600. 
Guyton, W.F., $420. 
Guyton, W.M. 
Guyton Bros., $60. 
Hennafin [Hannifin], E., 320 acres, $600. 
Hill, Oscar, 160 acres, $240. 
Hoag [Hogue], Ormie. 
Karlin, John, 160 acres, $1875. 
Kelsay, Gillis. 
Kopke, Christian. 
Jennings, George W. 
McDonald, John. 
Macken, James. 
Macken, Patrick. 
Macken, Thomas. 
Myers, R. 
Ottman, F. 
Patjens, Andreas, 160 acres, $400. 
Patjens, John, 320 acres, $695. 
Patjens, Richard, 160 acres, $400. 
Patterson, Joe. 
Reckman, John, 160 acres, $400. 
Schadewitz, Charles, 640 acres, $1340. 
Schadewitz, Henry, 480 acres, $1050. 
Schadewitz, Lou, 640 acres, $1530
Schadewitz Bros., $1405. 
Schassen, John, 320 acres, $1240. 
Simpson, George. 
Spoonemoore, James. 
Sproul, A.C. 
Taylor, W.M. 
Trotter, J.A. 
Trotter, W.H., farmer. 
Vinyard, Stanley. 
Von Borstle [von Borstel], Carsten, 320 acres, $800. 
Walch, P.J. 
Walp, D.C. 
Wiley, Frank O. 
Wilcox, A.R. 
Wilcox, H.W. 
Wilcox, J.D., 800 acres, $2170. 
Wilcox, W.H. 
Young, Wm.


A postal town 28 miles south of Grant, on the OR&N Ry., from which place it is reached by stage.

Anderson, Chris, $95, farmer. 
Anderson, T.M., farmer. 
Axtell, O.W., 160 acres, $550, farmer. 
Axtell, Perry, farmer. 
Belche, Charles H., 493 acres, $1730, farmer. 
Belche, J.F., $1080, farmer. 
Belche, J.R., 160 acres, $825, farmer. 
Belche, J.T., $265, farmer. 
Benson, Roy, farmer. 
Boardman, Charles, farmer. 
Boatman, O.D., farmer. 
Cartwright, C.T., farmer. 
Cartwright, Henry O., farmer. 
Christman John, 320 acres, $1200, farmer. 
Dillinger, Alf, 960 acres, $2155, farmer. 
Elcock, Simon, 480 acres, $1100, farmer. 
Elliott, Mrs. E.S., $75. 
Elliott, J.H., 160 acres, $600, farmer. 
Elliott, Wm., 640 acres, $2500, farmer. 
Gibson, John, farmer. 
Gibson, Wm., 60 acres, $350, farmer. 
Granhoi, Fred, farmer. 
Hansen, Hans, 560 acres, $2040, farmer. 
Hansen, N.P., 680 acres, $4350, local manager Moro Mercantile Co. and postmaster. 
Haynor, Charles D., 160 acres, $400, farmer. 
Henizan, Albert, farmer. [?Hennagin] 
Henizen, Henry, farmer. 
Hulse, G.R., farmer. 
Hulse, O.P., $850, farmer. 
Johnson, John, farmer. 
McDonald, Andrew, 400 acres, $970, farmer. 
Kuck, Anglus [Angus], 320 acres, $1000, farmer. 
McDonald, Mrs. Ann, 320 acres, $850. 
McDonald, A.D., 1040 acres, $4925, farmer. 
McDonald, James J., 604 acres, $2300, farmer. 
McDonald, John J., $305, farmer. 
McDonald, Joseph, $60, farmer. 
McDonald, Neil, 620 acres, $1085, farmer. 
McDonald, P.W., 640 acres, $2175, farmer. 
McDonald, Sam, farmer. 
McGregor, D.R., music teacher. 
McIntyre, Hugh, 480 acres, $1700, farmer. 
McLachlan, Dan, 320 acres, $915, farmer. 
Moro Mercantile Co., N.P. Hanson, local manager. 
Morrison, James M. Jr., clerk. 
Morrison, Mrs. Rachel, $50. 
Morrison, Thomas C., $265, farmer. 
Morrison, William, 320 acres, $1050, farmer. 
Morrow, Frank, blacksmith. 
Mortensen, O.C., farmer. 
Murray, Robert A., 640 acres, $1200, farmer. 
Newton, Robert, 640 acres, $2100, farmer. 
Norcross, Wm. A., farmer. 
Patterson, Joseph, 160 acres, $400, farmer. 
Pape, H., farmer. 
Rogers, J.B., farmer. 
Rasmussen, Rasmus, 800 acres, $2335, farmer. 
Rose, Wm., 320 acres, $1280, farmer. 
Sorensen, P., farmer. 
Stearns, Mrs. M.L., 160 acres, $550. 
Stearns, R.M., 160 acres, $680, farmer. 
Stewart, James, 440 acres, $2670, sheep raiser. 
Thompson, Elwood, 480 acres, $2350, farmer. 
Thompson, Mrs. E., 240 acres, $560. 
Thompson, Hans, $115, farmer. 
Thompson, James O., farmer. 
Thompson, J.A., 480 acres, $1625, farmer. 
Thompson, Owen, farmer. 
Thompson, Ned W., 800 acres, $2505, farmer. 
Thompson, R., farmer. 
Thompson, Vincent. 
Wright, A.M., $165, farmer.

The county seat of Sherman county is located about 30 miles southeast of The Dalles and 20 south of the Columbia river; receives mail daily by stage from Grant, on the OR&N, via Wasco. It is also connected by tri-weekly stage with The Dalles. Moro is perhaps the most enterprising town in the county, and with rail communication with the outside world would increase rapidly in size and business importance, as it is situated in the approximate center of an immense wheat-producing district. At present the town has a bank [Moore Bros.], foundry and machine shop [Moro Manufacturing Co.], two hotels, livery stable, newspaper. The headquarters of the Moro Mercantile Co., a firm which maintains general stores in several of the towns of the county, are also located here. A flour mill is also to be built in the near future by the Moro Flouring Mill Co., a local concern recently incorporated.

Friendship Baptist Church, C.H. Fredenburg, pastor. 
M.E. Church, Rev. C.D. Nickelsen, pastor. 
Presbyterian Church, Rev. J.M. Morrison, pastor. 
United Sunday Schools. 
Fire Department, William Holder, Chief. 
AOUW, Moro Lodge No. 64. 
IOOF, Moro Lodge No. 113. 
PHC, Local Sherman Circle No. 320. 
 WOW, Camp 351. 
Women of W., Circle No. 356. 
Anderson, T.M., 160 acres, $670, farmer. 
Armsworthy, W.G., blacksmith, Moro Manufacturing Co. 
Atkinson, Joseph, farmer. 
Bartlett, J.M., brick mason. 
Barnum, A.H., farmer. 
Barnum Bros., 160 acres, $715, farmers. 
Barnum, Elvin E., farmer. 
Barnum, L., farmer. 
Bergen, Taylor M., $600. 
Berthe, Eugene, barber. 
Bolton, Absalom D., res. Boyd, Wasco Co. 
Bolton, A.D. & Co.; George N. & A.D. Bolton, drugs and stationery. 
Bolton, George N., A.D. Bolton & Co. and county treasurer. 
Bowen, Harry, farmer. 
Bowen, Hugh, farmer. 
Bowen, Richard, farmer. 
Boyd, G.F., 320 acres, $1155, farmer. 
Brown, C.M., farmer. 
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth, $50. 
Brown, H.E., farmer. 
Butler, E., $110, teamster. 
Burlingham, Peter, well digger. 
Cannon, R.C. [Hunter & Cannon]. 
Carlson, A.F., farmer. 
Carlson, Mrs. E.B., $120. 
Cochran, Eli C., $40, farmer. 
Cochran, M.L., $40, farmer. 
Cochran, J.W., stock raiser. 
Cochran, T.F., 120 acres, $175, farmer. 
Collier, J.D., laborer. 
Cousens, Arthur, barber, baths, agent Troy Laundry. 
Coy, John C., 480 acres, $1880, farmer. 
Craven, R.C., $3650, M.M. Co. 
Craven, E.F., laborer. 
Daley, John. 
Damon, Martha, 160 acres, $900. 
Damon, Milton, 480 acres, $1600, farmer. 
Florer, Mrs. Emma, $25. 
Florer, J.B., boot and shoe maker. 
Florer, J.M., wagon maker, Moro Manufacturing Co. 
Foster, W.L., $15, farmer. 
Frock, Henry, $1000, farmer. 
Fuller, Alfred, farmer. 
Fuller, David, $125, farmer. 
Garlick, E.W., 320 acres, $1060, farmer. 
Gilkison, J.M., farmer. 
Ginn, Mrs. C.B., $125. 
Ginn, John A., 320 acres, $1200, teamster. 
Ginn, R.J., 1220 acres, $9170, vice pres Moro Mercantile Co.  & Agricultural Implements. 
Grubb, George, laborer. 
Gunther [Guinther], Chris, 160 acres, $580, farmer. 
Gunther [Guinther], G.F., 320 acres, $1010, farmer. 
Hadley, Mrs. M.A., widow of J.M. 
Hadley, W.O., watchmaker and jeweler. 
Hampton, F.M., 160 acres, $400, farmer. 
Hardin, S.V., farmer. 
Harris, John E., $265, fruit grower. 
Hayes, D.J. [Hayes & Holder]. 
Hayes, Ella E., 160 acres, $1270. 
Hayes, S.S., secy M.M. Co., 960 acres, $3430. 
Hayes & Holder; D.J. Hayes & L.D. Holder, livery stable. 
Hennagin, Albert, $60, farmer. 
Hennagin, George, 165 acres, $585, farmer. 
Hennagin, Henry, 160 acres, $1035, farmer. 
Hennagin, Mrs. M., 240 acres, $750. 
Henrich, Wm., 320 acres, $1340, county clerk & abstractor. 
Heydt, Adolph; harness maker, Heydt & Co. 
Heydt, Mrs. K.; Heydt & Co. 
Heydt, Louis; Heydt & Co. 
Heydt & Co., Mrs. K. & Louis Heydt, $400, harness and saddle dealers and manufacturers. 
Higinbotham, G.P., 466 acres, $1975, farmer. 
Hill, Harry, $85, farmer. 
Hill, L.B., $80, farmer. 
Holder, L.D. [Hayes & Holder]. 
Holder, William, 160 acres, $1845, sheriff & manager Sherman Co. Tel. Co. 
Holman, John B., 640 acres, $2390, farmer. 
Holman, Martin, 480 acres, $1900, farmer. 
Hoover, A.B., farmer. 
Hosford, J.B., $1650, attorney-at-law. 
Hoskinson, R.E., attorney-at-law, abstractor and real estate. 
Howard, D.W., farmer. 
Huff, A.C., 160 acres, $600, farmer. 
Huff, D.W., $610, farmer and stock raiser. 
Hunter, R. [Hunter & Cannon]. 
Hunter & Cannon [R. Hunter & R.C. Cannon], farmers. 
Hunting, L.W., Justice of the Peace, collections, real estate. 
Idleman, Lloyd D., dentist. 
Ireland, C. Leonard, [D.C. Ireland & Sons] and ins agt. 
Ireland, D.C., $370 [D.C. Ireland & Sons]. 
Ireland, D.C. & Sons, publishers, Sherman County Observer. 
Ireland, Frances C. [D.C. Ireland & Sons]. 
Johnson, Gus, laborer. 
Johnson, L.E., bookkeeper, Moro Mercantile Co. 
Kaseberg, Miss Carrie, $175. 
Kaseberg, Robert, farmer. 
Kaseberg, Theodore, $175, blacksmith. 
Landry, John, $280, blacksmith. 
Landry, Mrs. Sarah, 160 acres, $550, milliner. 
Lanphear, Frank, farmer. 
Lanphear, Harry, 320 acres, $1245, farmer. 
Lavigne, Gus, laborer. 
McCarthy, Clark, laborer. 
McCoy, Mrs. Annie, $75. 
McCoy, W.B., 320 acres, $775, deputy sheriff. 
McCullom [McCallum], Mrs. M., $300, farmer.  
McDanel, H.S., 320 acres, $1565, deputy county clerk. 
McDanel, Mrs. H.S., copyist R.E. Hoskinson. 
McDonald, Samuel, $105, farmer. 
McGinnis, T.R., clerk, Moro Mercantile Co. 
McGrath, John T., farmer. 
McGrath, John B., 320 acres, $1520, farmer. 
McGrath, Wm.H., farmer. 
McLin, E., laborer. 
Malchert, Fred, farmer. 
Martin, E.F., $115, farmer. 
Martin, H.U., farmer. 
Martin, John R., 320 acres, $1305, farmer. 
Martin, Leroy H., 640 acres, $1750, farmer. 
Martin, W.J., 320 acres, $1050, farmer. 
Maxwell, David A., $75, farmer. 
Maxwell, H.H., farmer. 
Maxwell, I.H., 80 acres, $350, farmer. 
Maxwell, M.A., farmer. 
Mayberry, W.S., principal public school. 
Meader, Earnest. 
Meader, Fred H., 160 acres, $700, farmer. 
Meader, George, farmer. 
Miller, Edgar, farmer. 
Mitchell, A.R., farmer. 
Moore Bros., 290 acres, $11,610, [W.H. & A.H. Moore], agricultural implements. 
Moore Bros. Bank [W.H. & H.A. Moore], bankers and insurance agents. 
Moore, E.H., 480 acres, $1820, farmer. 
Moore, Mrs. Helen, 320 acres, $1100. 
Moore, H.A., Moore Bros., 320 acres, $1200. 
Moore, L.K., $1425, Moro Mercantile Co. 
Moore, L.V., 290 acres, $1055, farmer. 
Moore, Mrs. S.J., 640 acres, $2250. 
Moore, Walter H., 320 acres, $775, [Moore Bros.]. 
Moorehouse, W.H., 160 acres, $520, farmer. 
Moro City Market [Page & Parry]. 
Moro Leader, Moro Publishing Co., L.W. Hunting, manager. 
Moro Manufacturing Co., Inc., iron founders, machinists, blacksmiths. 
Moro Mercantile Co., Inc., W.H. Moore, pres, S.S. Hayes, secretary, 
general merchandise, hardware, agricultural implements, paint. 
Moro Publishing Co., publishes Moro Leader. 
Moro Water Co., Moore Bros. managers. 
Moro & Rutledge Stage Line, J.M. Dunahoo, prop. 
Mowry, J.B., 160 acres, $525, farmer. 
Mussel, J.L., farmer. 
Neece Bros., $80, farmers. 
Neece, J.P., Neece Bros. 
Neece, W.S., Neece Bros.  
Nickelsen, Rev. C.D., pastor Methodist Church. 
Page, H.A., $55, Page & Parry. 
Page & Parry, $390, H.A. Page & J.M. Parry, meat market. 
Parry, H.M., $60. 
Parry, J.M.,  160 acres, $575, [Page & Parry]. 
Peetz, Carl, 320 acres, $1207, farmer. 
Peetz, L., farmer. 
Peoples, E., 320 acres, $2650, furniture and undertaker. 
Peoples, Mary, 160 acres, $600. 
Peterson, H.H., 320 acres, $600, restaurant. 
Pike, B.F., 160 acres, $600, county assessor. 
Pike, I.D., farmer. 
Pinkerton, Robert, 160 acres, $735, farmer. 
Pitts, John. 
Poole, M.H., brick layer. 
Powell, J.M., 600 acres, $1880, farmer. 
Powell, J.O., 320 acres, $850, farmer. 
Powell, Mrs. M.E., $150. 
Powell, Wm. S., 160 acres, $580, farmer. 
Radley, D.M., brick manufacturing, building material. 
Ragsdale, C.P., 160 acres, $1190, teacher. 
Ragsdale, W.H., school teacher. 
Ray, W.E. 
Reed, Isabella, 160 acres, $590. 
Reed, Joel H., farmer. 
Rust, Lot W., 160 acres, $635, farmer. 
Sayres, F.A., 480 acres, $2085, farmer. 
Schaeffer, B.F., 320 acres, $1200, farmer. 
Schaeffer, John J., 320 acres, $1200, farmer. 
Schaeffer, Mrs. M.E., $105. 
Sexton, Ezra, 160 acres, $480, farmer. 
Sexton, Riley, $130, farmer. 
Sheldon, G.W., house and sign painter. 
Sherman County Telephone Co., Wm. Holder, manager. 
Sherman County Observer [weekly], D.C. Ireland & Sons, publishers. 
Smith, Clyde, laborer. 
Smith, I.M., $1290, physician and surgeon. 
Smith, Lloyd, $200, laborer. 
Smith, W.L., farmer. 
Spink, Miss Josie, school teacher. 
Stanley, Walter, bookkeeper, Moore Bros. Bank. 
Strahl, J.P., farmer
Strong, George E., farmer. 
Strong, Horace, 160 acres, $450, farmer. 
Strong, Perry, farmer. 
The Dalles & Moro Stage Line, J.A. West, proprietor. 
Thompson, H.A., 160 acres, $750, farmer. 
Thompson, J.J., 320 acres, $1150, farmer. 
Thompson, R.E., farmer. 
Tillson, Andrew, stock raiser. 
Tomlin, James, $130, wagon maker for T. Kaseberg. 
Van Pelt, George. 
Walton, F.C., farmer. 
Walton, Mary, $50. 
West, E.M. [J.A. & E.M. West] 
West, J.A. [J.A. & E.M. West] 
West, J.A. & E. M., props, City Hotel and The Dalles & Moro Stage Line. 
Wheat, _____, apprentice to W.O. Hadley. 
Wheat, E.B., $60. 
Wheat, Mrs. Ida, 80 acres,$125. 
Wheat, J.B., 160 acres, $535, farmer. 
Whitelaw, Charles, hostler, [Hayes & Holder]. 
Whitelaw, C.M., laborer. 
Williams, Charles H., farmer. 
Williams, Mrs. Dora, $1200, drugs; proprietor Moro Hotel, and postmistress. 
Williams, Miss E.J. 
Williams, Mrs. Nellie, $70. 
Williams, W.C., assistant postmaster. 
Zell, W.H., 40 acres, $100, farmer.


Formerly called Wallis Station, on the O.R. & N. Ry., 114 miles east of Portland. Trains only stop here on signal. Biggs is the nearest express town. R.C. Wallis, besides other industries, operates a ferry across the Columbia from Rufus.

Andrews, Benjamin L., 160 acres, $450, farmer. 
Atwood, R.C., $515, F.C.W . agent. 
Barnhart, Hank, barkeeper for S.T. Smith. 
Bozarth, Wm., farmer. 
Brackett, J.L., farmer. 
Buschke, A., farmer. 
Buschke, Benjamin, farmer. 
Call, Leonard, farmer. 
Cattron, E.S., agent for Pacific Coast Elevator Co. 
Christian Church. 
Clark, B.B., $280, livery stable. 
Coats, John, farmer. 
Columbia Commercial Co., grain buyers, R.P. Dear, agent. 
Cooper, W.S., farmer. 
Condon, R.W., $135, postmaster. 
Corcoran, D., section foreman, OR&N Co. 
Couey, John, blacksmith for J.S. Amos. 
Craft, A.B., 320 acres, $1930, wheat buyer. 
Dear, R.P., agent C.C. Co. 
Dennison, Ira A., 320 acres, $925, farmer. 
Farmers Co-op Warehouse Ass’n., $4200, J.T. Johnson, agent. 
Fine, John, $125, restaurant. 
Foister, John A., $1180, saloon. 
Fowler, Mrs. L.M., 148 acres, $450. 
Fowler, W.R., 295 acres, $700, farmer. 
Fuller, A.K., 400 acres, $1295, farmer. 
Fuller, E.O., 320 acres, $950, farmer. 
Fuller, Mrs. Lizzie, $385. 
Gerking, Wm., farmer. 
Girt, L.W., farmer. 
Greenleaf, L., farmer. 
Henderson, Elijah, farmer. 
Henderson, W., $50. 
Herrin, C.J., teacher. 
Herrin, R. $70, farmer. 
Herrin, Richard, Jr., [Herrin Bros.]. 
Herrin, Wilber, [Herrin Bros.]. 
Herrin Bros [Richard and Wilber Herrin], farmers. 
Holland, J.L., 320 acres, $975, farmer. 
Holland, Mrs. S.E., $75. 
Hoover, A.B., laborer. 
Hulery, Frank, 80 acres, $200, farmer. 
Jackson, R.E., clerk for W.A. Wallis. 
Jacobsen, Isaac, barkeeper for J.A. Foister. 
Johnson, B.F., $290, laborer. 
Johnson, John T., agent, F.C.W.A. 
Jones, Mrs. H., $155. 
Jones, Milton S., wheat buyer. 
Kretzer, D.J., farmer. 
Linderman, Joe, carpenter. 
McDonald, Mrs. Agnes, 160 acres, $500. 
McDonald, W.G., clerk for J.W. Smith. 
McNab [Macnab], Wm., 300 acres, $1250, farmer. 
Mathison, John, 240 acres, $1005, farmer. 
Moon, Wm., laborer. 
Morris, J.T., fruit grower. 
Oehman, Wm., 160 acres, $450, farmer. 
Ogle, Richard, deckhand, Rufus Ferry. 
Pacific Coast Elevator Co., $2600, wheat buyers, E.S. Cattron, agent. 
Patterson, Mrs. S., bakery. 
Philippi, Everett, laborer. 
Pyburn, Dick, laborer. 
Pyburn, Jacob, farmer. 
Ramey, Miss Cora E., 160 acres, $450. 
Ramey, George, $260, farmer. 
Ramey, Mrs. V.E., 320 acres, $925. 
Record, C.H., farmer. 
Reid, John, 160 acres, $650, farmer. 
Reid, Mrs. Lottie, $60. 
Reed, J.H., farmer. 
Roberts, P.T., farmer. 
Richardson, C.P., hostler for B.B. Clark. 
Rufus Ferry, R.C. Wallis, proprietor. 
Rufus Water Works, R.C. Wallis, proprietor. 
Sienknecht, J., 320 acres, $1340, farmer. 
Smith, Frank, bookkeeper for J.A. Foister. 
Smith, F.H., 160 acres, $450, farmer. 
Smith, J.W., $3580, gen mdse and agent O. Tel & Tel Co. 
Smith, S.T., saloon. 
Stone, R.D., farmer. 
Stone, W., farmer. 
Stryker, Simon, 320 acres, $1105, farmer. 
Tague, H., farmer. 
Tate, Wm. E., 160 acres, $350, farmer. 
Taylor, C.T., cook for R.C. Wallis. 
Thompson, Frank, night watchman O.R.& N. Co. 
Tozier, Richard E., engineer, Rufus Ferry. 
Van Patten, Frank W., 480 acres, $1495, farmer. 
Venable, F.M., 140 acres, $615, farmer. 
Venable, James, $25, farmer. 
Venable, J.R., farmer. 
Venable, Perry, farmer. 
Wallis, Mrs. Mary, $100. 
Wallis, R.A., $15, bookkeeper for R.C. Wallis. 
Wallis, R.C., 160 acres, $3380, hotel, livery stable, lumber, wood, coal, carriages, wagons; Rufus Water Works and Rufus Ferry. 
Wallis, W.A., $2035, gen mdse; agent Sherman Co Tel Co. 
Wells, George A., farmer. 
White, Fanny, waitress for R.C. Wallis. 
Wild, John, farmer. 
Young, A., farmer.


A farm-house post office in the southern part of Sherman county. Daily mail from Moro.

Blagan, Mike, $500. 
Blaylock, Joe. 
Bolton, Thomas, 480 acres, $1000. 
Bowen, Hugh. 
Callahan, Thomas, 797 acres, $1900. 
Collier, John. 
Cramer Bros., 160 acres, $2110. 
Crocker, G.W., 160 acres, $360. 
Curl, C.W. 
Currie, Wm., 720 acres, $1735. 
Cutri, George. 
Dailey, John 480 acres, $970. 
Dierks, Herman, 640 acres,$1790. 
Dunahoo, J.M., 160 acres, $555, proprietor Moro & Rutledge Stage Line. 
Eakin, James. 
Eakin, O.B., 138 acres, $375. 
Eakin, O.C., 640 acres, $1655. 
Fraser, Walter. 
Goetjen, Albert. 
Goetjen, Dolph. 
Goetjen, H., 640 acres, $1275. 
Goetjen, N.H. 
Goetjen, W.A. 
Guthrie, R.H., 1600 acres, $6245. 
Hand, James A., 160 acres, $350. 
Hansen, J.M., 480 acres, $1245. 
Hansen, Martin, $150. 
Hansen, Mrs. M.C., 160 acres, $450. 
Hill, Turpin, 320 acres, $800. 
Johnson, J.E., 
Johnson, J.W. 
Kober, Henry. 
Lakey, W.M. 
Mack, Edward, 320 acres, $800. 
Minton, E.L., 320 acres, $720. 
Minton, L.L., 160 acres, $700, farmer. 
Morrison, Mrs. Jennie, $50. 
Morrison, Joseph B., $5. 
Morrisey [Morrissey], J.A., farmer. 
Ogden, H.L. 
O’Leary, A.P., 640 acres, $3240. 
O’Leary, C.D. 
O’Leary, J.C., 40 acres, $80. 
Orrick, C.W. 
Payne, Frank, $345. 
Payne, George W. 
Redmond, John. 
Robison, Wm. 
Rudolph, Wm., $125. 
Ruggles, H.S., $320. 
Ruggles, Mrs. L.S., $90. 
Ruggles, P.M., 320 acres, $1000. 
Rutledge, Mrs. M.A., $150. 
Rutledge, M.M., $90. 
Rutledge, Walter C. 
Searcy, T.B., 480 acres, $1455. 
Smith, Henry. 
Smith, Mrs. I.H., $670. 
Stewart, Daniel, 160 acres, $400. 
Thompson, George E., 320 acres, $1000. 
Vanlandingham, E. Thomas, 160 acres, $475. 
Walker, H.M. 
Ward, Charles. 
Weigand, W.F. 
Wheat, N.P. 
White, Ora. 
White, W.E., 160 acres, $565. 
Williams, Mrs. E., 320 acres, $900. 
Wright, J.A., 320 acres, $690.


The metropolis of Sherman county is located about 11 miles south of the Columbia river, and is the headquarters and present southern terminus of the Columbia Southern railway. Since the completion of the above road, which connects Wasco with the O.R. & N. Co. at Biggs, in the fall of 1897, the town has grown rapidly, its population being doubled, and the number of business houses being increased by about a dozen. Wasco is soon to have a flour mill, which will be erected by the well-known Walla Walla mill owner, H.P. Isaacs. The mill will have a capacity of 100 barrels per day, and will be in charge of Mr. E.S. Isaacs. After the first of January 1898, Wasco will be the only incorporated town in Sherman county. 

M.E. Church, F.R. Spalding, pastor. 
Christian Church. 
O.N.G., Company A., Third Battalion, Captain Wm. Henrichs, 
 First Lieutenant Wm. L. Lamborn, Second Lieutenant Josiah Marsh. 
GAR – W.T. Sherman Post No. 4. 
K of P, Aurora Lodge No. 54. 
Rathbone Sisters, Lillian Temple No. 17. 
Masonic, Taylor Lodge, AF & AM. 
Golden Sheaf Chapter No. 64, OES. 
UA, Wasco Assembly No. 78. 
WOW, Wasco Camp, No. 350. 
Allen, J.M., farmer. 
Allen & Campbell, farmers. 
Andrews, C.M., 303 acres, $1100, farmer. 
Andrews, Dell, night watchman, Columbia Southern Railway. 
Andrews, E.A., 160 acres, $555, farmer. 
Andrews, G.T., farmer. 
Andrews, G.W., teacher. 
Andrews, Wm. H., 303 acres, $1175, farmer. 
Andrews, S.J., 80 acres, $350, farmer. 
Andrews, John C., $360, farmer. 
Anson, B.W., 480 acres, farmer. 
Armsworthy & Brock, $575, proprietors, The Wasco News. 
Armsworthy, J.W. [Armsworthy and Brock]. 
Armsworthy, Levi, $1155, prop. Oskaloosa Hotel. 
Atwood, R.C., secretary F. Co-op Assn. 
Bales, Miss Gertrude, teacher. 
Bales, O.J., 320 acres, $1250, farmer. 
Barnett, Alma, teacher. 
Barnett, Andrew, 200 acres, $520, wagon maker. 
Barnett, A. Jonah, broom manufacturer. 
Barnett, A.J., clerk for W.M. Barnett. 
Barnett, F.L., 160 acres, $530, farmer. 
Barnett, H.T., painter. 
Barnett, W.M., 1080 acres, $9095, general merchandise, warehouse and forwarding. 
Barnett, Mrs. W.M., milliner. 
Barzee, W.S., 866 acres, $3147, farmer. 
Bast, Rev. W.S., pastor United Brethren. 
Bennett, W.C., $150, farmer. 
Bentley, Wm. H., laborer. 
Booth, J.W., 640 acres, $2780, farmer. 
Boss, C.H., laborer. 
Bralley, R.E., farmer. 
Bright, C.J., 178 acres, $1770, attorney-at-law. 
Brock, C.M., laborer. 
Brock, G.A., teacher. 
Brock, J.L., farmer. 
Brock, Roy C., bookkeeper Sherman Co Bank. 
Brock, R.W., 160 acres, $900, farmer. 
Brock, R.W., Jr., farmer. 
Brock, V.C., 320 acres, $1677, cashier Sherman Co Bank, [Armsworthy & Brock]. 
Buchmann [Buhmann], Arnold, farmer. 
Buchmann [Buhmann], Charles, 320 acres, $1075, farmer. 
Burnett, H.T., laborer. 
Burton, L.E., waiter for H.H. Walker. 
Calhoun, S., laborer. 
Cameron, A., 160 acres, $285, farmer. 
Clark, L., mgr. Union Lumber Co. 
Clayton, W.S., blacksmith. 
Columbia Commercial Co., wheat buyers, W.F. Johnson, agent. 
Columbia Southern Ry Co., E.E. Lytle pres., D.C. O’Reilly general manager, W.S. Lytle auditor. 
Columbia Southern Telegraph Co. 
Creed, A.M., laborer. 
Crossfield [Crosfield], G.N., $140, Oregon Trading Co. 
Crow, F.L., farmer. 
Cummings, T.K., $110, laborer. 
Delmonico Restaurant, H.H. Walker, proprietor. 
Dingle, Richard, 323 acres, $1885, blacksmith. 
Doyle, George, 480 acres, $1800, farmer. 
Dorris & Westfall, cigars & tobacco [S.G.Dorris, W.H. Westfall]. 
Dunlap, Clark, 320 acres, $1700, farmer. 
Dunlap, Vleda, tel operator. 
Dunn, Alfred, 320 acres, $1305, farmer. 
Dunn, E.C., 320 acres, $1305, farmer. 
Dunn Bros., [E.C. & Alfred], 320 acres, $1100, farmers. 
Dunn, W., farmer. 
Dunn, W.J., farmer. 
Eaton, Mrs. Effie, $60. 
Eaton, George, $50, stock raiser. 
Eaton, Miss Maggie, 320 acres, $1200, Farmer. 
Eaton, Mrs. M.E., 320 acres, $1000, farmer. 
Eaton, Nathan, farmer. 
Edgington, Mrs. Annie, $300. 
Edgington, Jesse, $275, physician and surgeon. 
Elder, John A., 320 acres, $1220, farmer. 
Elder, Mrs. M.E., $30. 
Engstrom, Gus, laborer. 
Enright, Miss May, agent Columbia Southern Railway. 
Erickson, Victor, laborer. 
Falmer, John, harness maker. 
Farmers Co-op Warehouse Ass’n., John Medler pres, R.C. Atwood secy, shipping and com. 
Forbis, John E., 787 acres, $4510, farmer. 
Foren, C.F., brakeman, Columbia Southern Railway. 
Frad, J.H., farmer. 
Froebe, Wm., 320 acres, $980, farmer. 
Gerking, Wm., 160 acres, $480, farmer. 
Gibson, E.S., farmer. 
Gibson, J.D., farmer. 
Golden, John W., conf and fruit. 
Gravel, A., fireman Columbia Southern Railway.  
Harper, Charles A., farmer. 
Harris, J.D., conductor Columbia Southern Railway. 
Hartley, Olive, physician and surgeon. 
Harvey, John, farmer. 
Hazen, O.A., laborer. 
Henrichs, John, $290, farmer. 
Hicks, A.M., $60, assistant postmaster. 
Hilde[r]brand, George N., 462 acres, $1640, farmer. 
Hill, Bessie, waitress, Wasco Hotel. 
Hill, I.F., farmer. 
Hines, E.M., farmer. 
Hoag, Mrs. Etta, $340. 
Hoag, J.M., $20, livery stable, feed. 
Hoss, J.B., contractor. 
Howard, Thomas, laborer. 
Howell, George P., 160 acres, $500, farmer. 
Howell, Henry, farmer. 
Howell, J.R., farmer. 
Huck, C.C., farmer. 
Huck, L.S., 640 acres, $2295. 
Hunter, J.R., laborer. 
Isaacs, E.S., manager flour mill. 
Johnson, A.S., laborer. 
Johnson, Mrs. A.S., dressmaker. 
Johnson, H. Carl, clerk for W.V. Johnson. 
Johnson, Orin C., clerk for W.V. Johnson. 
Johnson, W.F., buyer Columbia Commercial Co. 
Johnson, W.V., wood, coal and lumber. 
Johnston, J.H., bowling alley. 
Jones, M.S., agent for C.W. Tracy. 
Jory, Mrs. Mary, 160 acres, $535, postmistress. 
Kaseberg, H., farmer. 
Kaseberg, John, 400 acres, $1735, farmer.  
Kaseberg, J.R., farmer. 
Keller, Henry, laborer. 
Kennedy, Arthur, comp The Wasco News. 
Kerslake, ______, carpenter. 
King, Mrs. Ida, 187 acres, $490. 
Kiene, Joseph, laborer. 
Koontz, Wesley, harness maker. 
Krause, J.H., $3605 [Krause & Woodworth]. 
Krause & Woodworth [J.H. Krause, G.D. Woodworth], harness and saddles. 
Kretzer, D.J., well driller. 
Kretzer, P.L., $70, well driller. 
Kuhnhousen [Kuhnhausen], Albert, laborer. 
Kuney, C.C., 345 acres, $1200, farmer. 
Kuney, Miss Inez, teacher. 
Lamborn, Frank S., 160 acres, $830, farmer. 
Lamborn, George, 160 acres, $660, farmer. 
Lamborn, Mrs. N.J., 160 acres, $550. 
Lamborn, Wm. L., 320 acres, $1330, farmer. 
Lawrence, T.L., farmer. 
Lawson, John W., 335 acres, $925, farmer. 
Layton, F., boot and shoemaker. 
Leslie, E.M., real estate. 
Leslie, M.A., real estate. 
Leslie, Mrs. P.A., $180. 
Lewis, C.J., general foreman Columbia Southern Railway. 
Long, N.C., farmer. 
Lucas, George F., blacksmith, J.T. Lucas. 
Lucas, J.T., $155, blacksmith and plow mfg. 
Lucas, L.R., blacksmith, J.T. Lucas. 
Lyon, E.E., 640 acres, $2400, foreman, W.M. Barnett. 
Lytle, E.E., president Columbia Southern Railway. 
Lytle, W.S., auditor Columbia Southern Railway. 
McDonald, J.D., blacksmith, W.S. Clayton. 
McGillis, Wm., laborer. 
McMillin, James, 493 acres, $2185, farmer. 
McMillin, James P., 320 acres, $900, farmer. 
McMillin, John F., laborer. 
McMillin, H. Maria, 180 acres, $1030. 
McMillin, Ed C., 156 acres, $570, farmer. 
McMillin, Eugene, farmer. 
McPherson, John E., clerk C C Co. 
McPherson, Mrs. J., 960 acres, $3425. 
Mack, Fred, laborer, Union Lumber Co. 
Marsh, Josiah, $750, [Marsh & Medler]. 
Marsh & Medler [J. Marsh, B.F. Medler], drugs. 
Maxwell, M.A., farmer. 
Maxwell, H., $15, farmer. 
Medler, Albert, farmer. 
Medler, B.F., 1600 acres, $5575, farmer and Marsh & Medler. 
Medler, E.A., farmer. 
Medler, Frank, farmer. 
Medler, Henry, farmer. 
Medler, John, 480 acres, $3155, pres Sherman County Bank,  Pres Farmers Co-op Warehouse Ass’n. 
Medler, John G., $15, farmer. 
Medler, Julius, $50, farmer. 
Medler Bros. [E.A. & Henry], 800 acres, $3450, farmers. 
Meenk, John, farmer. 
Merrill, Ed, laborer.  
Merrill, Miss Maggie, $25, teacher. 
Merrill, Wm., laborer. 
Messinger, John K., $210, laborer. 
Miller, J.H., laborer. 
Miller, W.E., farmer. 
Mitchell, J.T., insurance agent. 
Moore, E.E., laborer. 
Moore, John W., 320 acres, $945, fgarmer. 
Moore, Mrs. R.A., $450. 
Morehouse, W.H. 
Mulkey, H. 
Mulkey, J.R. 
Murchie, W. Alfred, 320 acres, $1010, farmer. 
Murchie, H.T., $310, farmer. 
Murchie, J.M., gen supt. Columbia Southern Railway. 
Murchie, Mrs. Mary, 160 acres, $850, farmer. 
Murray, W.S., dentist. 
Myers, H.F., farmer. 
Neil, J., carpenter. 
North American Trust Company, 1600 acres, $4560, M.A. Leslie, agent. 
Nource, K. [K. Nourse, Wm. Porth], meat market. 
Nourse & Porth, meat market. 
Oregon Trading Co., general merchandise. 
O’Reilly, D.C., gen mgr Columbia Southern Railway. 
Orr, R.P., $120, plasterer. 
Oskaloosa Hotel, Levi Armsworthy, proprietor. 
Pattee, D., farmer. 
Patterson, J.M., bookkeeper, Sherman County Bank. 
Peabody, Wm., 480 acres, $1780, farmer. 
Peddicord, W.J., 167 acres, $950, county school superintendent. 
Peugh, John, farmer. 
Peugh, W.H., 640 acres, $2740, farmer. 
Pickett, Frank, laborer. 
Pierson, Mrs. E.A., cook for H.H. Walker. 
Pierson, C.L., cook for H.H. Walker. 
Porter, Al S., farmer. 
Porter, A. Dell, 420 acres, $1410, farmer. 
Porter, J.L. 
Porth, Wm., [Nourse & Porth]. 
Potter, A.B., 960 acres, $3095, farmer. 
Potter, Mrs. E.A., 160 acres, $580. 
Potter, John G., $470, farmer. 
Potter, J. 
Potter, M.A., farmer. 
Pulliam, George B., 320 acres, $2132, gen mdse and undertaker. 
Radcliffe, Wm. H., laborer. 
Rasmussen, Elias J., 560 acres, $1520, farmer. 
Reynolds, Fred, farmer. 
Reynolds, W.M., 640 acres, $3655, proprietor Wasco Hotel. 
Richelderfer, Asa, blacksmith with R. Dingle. 
Richelderfer, Harry N., $260, farmer. 
Richelderfer, Henry, 782 acres, $3040, farmer. 
Richmond, Charles, $50, wagonmaker. 
Ritchie, H.A., 480 acres, $1000, farmer. 
Robinett, Mrs. T.J., $250. 
Robertson, J.B., laborer. 
Robinson, Frank, carpenter. 
Robinson, F.E., 160 acres, $700, farmer. 
Root, Henry, 160 acres, $575, farmer. 
Rowley, A.W., billiard hall. 
Russell, Mat M., barber. 
Sanford, A.C., Oregon Trading Co. 
Seal, Charles, $175, farmer. 
Sherman County Bank, $1650, John Medler president, V.C. Brock cashier. 
Sherman County Tel Co., Armsworthy & Brock, agents. 
Simpson, John, 160 acres, $655, farmer. 
Sink, A.R., 640 acres, $2000, farmer. 
Sink, Evert [Everett], 160 acres, $670, farmer. 
Sink, Mrs. Luzina, 329 acres, $1000. 
Sink, T.W., 160 acres, $650, farmer. 
Sinnott, Ed, 160 acres, $450, farmer. 
Sinnott, John, 480 acres, $2115, farmer. 
Sinnott, Stephen, farmer. 
Siscel, Emsley, 160 acres, $755, farmer. 
Siscel, John R., $100, farmer. 
Siscel, Mrs. P.A., $160. 
Small, J.B., 320 acres, $1100, farmer. 
Smith, H.E., 960 acres, $3450, farmer. 
Sith, M.L., 304 acres, $1805, farmer. 
Snook, W.H., physician and drug store. 
Sorber, Charles, 160 acres, $540, farmer. 
Spaulding, F.R., pastor, Methodist Church. 
Pear, James, engineer Columbia Southern Railway. 
Stocking, J.K., 150 acres, $300, book agent. 
Stone, M.C., watchmaker and jeweler. 
Stone, W., 160 acres, $575, farmer. 
Sutcliffe, Harry, physician. 
Swan, Emmett, painter. 
Swasey, A.H. 
Taylor, Bert, $15, farmer. 
Taylor, Mrs. M.L., milliner. 
Tozier, A.R., $320, blacksmith. 
Tozier, E.G., $40, blacksmith. 
Tracy, C.W., M.S. Jones agent, grain dealers. 
Udell, W.C., hostler w / J.M. Hoag. 
Union Lumber Co., L. Clark manager, lumber, wood and coal. 
Van Anda, G.A., manager Wasco Lumber Co. 
Van Ausdal, T.A., laborer. 
Van Gilder, M.A., 160 acres, $590, farmer. 
Walker, H.H., $225, proprietor Delmonico Restaurant. 
Wallis, J.W., carpenter. 
Walter, John A., 340 acres, $1400, farmer. 
Wasco Cornet Band, J.E. McPherson, leader. 
Wasco Lumber Co., G.A. Van Anda, manager. 
Wasco Hotel, W.M. Reynolds proprietor. 
Wasco News, Armsworthy and Brock, proprietors. 
Wates, J.C., laborer. 
Webber, Bertha, clerk for E.A.E. Webber. 
Webber, E.A.E., $2150, general merchandise. 
Weigenheimer, J.J., brakeman Columbia Southern Railway. 
Weld, Ernest, 160 acres, $550, farmer. 
West, J.K., laborer. 
West, W.A., farmer. 
Whitney, B.R., farmer. 
Williams, W.E., farmer. 
Wooley, A.B. 
Wright, Henry, 800 acres, $2040, farmer. 
Young, D.S., farmer. 
Zigler, Louis H., clerk Oregon Trading Co.