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Sherman County Artist Series – Lariat Baskets by Rene’ Moore

Moro, OR – The Sherman County local Artist Series is featuring Lariat Baskets handmade by Rene’ Moore for the month of June at the Sherman County Historical Museum. Rene’ is from Moro, Oregon and enjoys her hobby of making baskets from used lariat ropes. Rene’ prefers those broken in ropes more than the new lariat ropes and thinks they make a prettier basket. The used lariat ropes get a little bit fuzzy and Rene’ likes the way they look. New ropes are expensive to buy in stores but finding a set of team ropers is the ideal source of ropes since they are always using two ropes and don’t like to use ropes too long since they will lose their shape. Rene’ uses a very hot soldering iron to melt together the rope to make her baskets and the designs for a basket are endless and no two baskets will ever look the same. 

Please visit the museum to see Rene’ Moore’s baskets. There is no charge for this exhibit which is on display in the lobby for the month of June. The award-winning Museum in Moro is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through October.

The Sherman County Historical Museum is located at 200 Dewey Street in Moro, Oregon. For more information call 541-565-3232 or visit our Facebook page and website: