Civil War Veterans of Sherman County

Information for Civil War veterans who lived in Sherman County is compiled from several sources, including cemetery records in Sherman County.  Proof of additions and corrections may be sent to Sherman County Historical Museum, P.O. Box 173, Moro, Oregon 97039.  The Kent, Grass Valley, Moro, Rose, Sunrise, Wasco Methodist and Emigrant Springs Cemeteries are all in Sherman County. Monkland, Rutledge, Erskine, Klondike, Nish, McDonald, Michigan and Rosebush were small hamlets or districts in Sherman County.

*Belshe, James R.  
5 September 1841 MO - 8 January 1913, Hood River, OR; Co. I, 4th Missouri S.M.  Cavalry, January 1862 to April 1863; discharged for disability; h/o Susanna Witten; lived Monkland district, Sherman County; buried Rose Cemetery; [Sherman County Observer, 10 & 17 January 1913].

*Boyd, George F.  
Private, Co. F, Kansas Infantry; lived Moro.[possibly buried in Moro Cemetery lot with son].

Brown, Benjamin M.  
5 February 1837 St. Lawrence Co., NY - 23  
February 1929 Kent, OR;  Co. C, 7th Indiana Cavalry; aka Benjamin Minett Brown;  
h/o Mary Jane Spoonemore; pioneer merchant at Kent; Oregon Volunteers in campaign against Chief Joseph; buried Kent Cemetery; [Sherman County News, 28 February 1929].


Buker, John H. 
     - 1921; US Navy, Civil War;  
h/o Annie E. Benjamin; buried The Dalles, OR [according to Sherman County Journal, 13 November 1931 in his wife’s obituary; Sherman County Observer, 21 October 1921].

*Cochran, Thomas F.  
1847 - 1905; Private, Co. F, 4th Iowa Infantry, 1 February 1864 to July 1865; to DeMoss area N of Moro 1887; h/o Angelina Corsan; buried Moro Cemetery; [Sherman County Observer, 5 May 1905].

*Currie, William 
1843 Scotland - 1915;  Private, 30th Michigan  Infantry, December 1864 to June 1865; discharged for disability; lived Rutledge district;  h/o Louisa (Seely) Turner; buried Moro Cemetery; [Sherman County Observer,  19 March 1915]. 

Dugger,  Hardin G.  
16 March 1840 TN - 17 April 1927 near Grass
Valley; Private, Company K, 1st Tennessee          Infantry, Union Army, 1861-1865; h/o Nancy Ann Jenkins; f/o Hattie, William R., Mae [Peterson], Alvin, Lillian, and two   children who predeceased him; farmer; aka Harding; buried Grass Valley Cemetery; [Sherman County Observer, 22 April 1927].


Dunlap, Clark  
1844 IL - 1920; h/o Nancy Jane Chapman; lived in Bakeoven district, Wasco County 1880; took up land in upper Spanish Hollow in Sherman County 1882; 
¼ of the original town  of Wasco was built on Dunlap property; buried Wasco Sunrise Cemetery.

*Elcock, Simon  
    - 1929; Private, Co. E, 1st Missouri  
Cavalry,  January 1863 to 1865; discharged for disability; lived Monkland, E of Moro; h/o Emma; attended a Civil War reunion at Gettysburg in 1913; died Roseville, CA.

Fowler, William  R.  
1840 - 1907; Co. A, Missouri, Confederate; h/o Lettie Matthews; buried Wasco Sunrise Cemetery; [Sherman County Observer,  27 September 1907; Wasco News, 20 September

*Gige, Moses D. 
Chaplain, 12th Indiana Infantry, 8 August  
1862 to 20 June 1865; lived Moro; [reportedly buried Moro Cemetery]. 

Goghban, F.T.  
Co. F, Iowa Infantry; W.T. Sherman Post, Department of Oregon; buried Moro  

Harper, Charles A. 
1833 - 1928; h/o Mary Jane Keplinger; 
aka Charles Arthur Harper, Sr.; lived E of Wasco; buried Emigrant Springs Cemetery; 
[Sherman County News, 13 December 1928].

Hiles,  Henry  
1836 - 1918; Co. A, 150th Illinois Infantry;  
h/o Sarah Elizabeth Bennett; buried Grass Valley Cemetery.

*Huff, Abram C.  
May 1838 Michigan - 1907 soldier’s home, Roseburg, OR; Private, Co. H, 9th Iowa  
Infantry, 1862-1963; s/o David & Maria; lived Moro in 1900; h/o Sarah Ann Maricle; [1900 Soundex, ED 36 sheet 7 line 73, Moro Precinct].