For the Record 2001 - 2010


For the Record 2001 - 2010


#19-1, 2001

  • Married Women’s Separate Property Register
  • Civil War Veterans in Sherman County by Sherry Kaseberg
  • Presbyterian Church in Moro
  • History of Frank E. Brown Post #91, American Legion
  • Poem: Wild & Woolly Cowboys
  • WWI Draft Registration List, 1917
  • Bryant Reminiscences by Elva Whealdon Bryant
  • William Cullen Bryant Family by Jeffrey W. Bryant

#19-2, 2001

  • Student View of Sherman County by Linda Macnab Krafsic
  • Linda’s Birthday Book by Linda Macnab Krafsic
  • Rufus School Reunion, 2001 by Nell Coats Melzer and Mark Fields
  • Hampton by Laura Jean Hampton Hevel
  • Memoirs of Albert Jay Price from the Sherman County Journal
  • Impressions & Observations of the Journal Man by Fred Lockley
  • Newspapers

#20-1, 2002

  • Lamborn Family by Betty Lamborn Barber
  • Trotter Family by Iva Viola Trotter Lane Manly 1964, Florence Keehn & Freda Gillette
  • Poem: A Boy’s Work by Richard Wakefield
  • Ralph Eakin by Joan Eakin Jaeger
  • Gentry Family by Wilma Gentry Gale
  • Sherman County Newspapers by Sherry Kaseberg & Chris Sanders

#20-2, 2002

  • Manke Brothers by Cal T. McDermid
  • Grace Zevely – Sherman County Schools by Sherry Kaseberg
  • von Borstel & Patjens by Marie von Borstel Hattrup
  • Poem: A Line Cut Off Forever by Richard Wakefield

#21-1, 2003

  • Description of Moro, 1898 in The Moro Leader
  • Poem from The Moro Leader 1898: The Little Town of Moro
  • Porter & Anderson by Dorothy Porter Smith, Mark Fields, Toni Conley & Forest Peters
  • 1910 Sherman Co. Directory compiled by Earline Wasser
  • Wasco Fire Department by George Moon
  • Poems: Upriver & Petroglyphs by Richard Wakefield

#21-2, 2003

  • Rinehart-Klindt by Cal T. McDermid
  • Engstrom-Olds by Helen Engstrom Olds
  • Helyer by Pat Goodwin Helyer
  • Growing Up in Kent by Gordon Durward Helyer
  • Norton- Tatum by Carol Norton Putmam & Geraldine Norton Tatum

#22-1, 2004

  • Marcy Paull by Mary Lou Dennis
  • Hard Times – Starnes and Reese by Penny Higley Eakin
  • The Old Blue School by Iva Willard Bishop
  • Bryant Letters, Part One by Sherry Kaseberg
  • Red Cross Auxiliaries, Part One by Chris Sanders

#22-2, 2004

  • Liberty Telephone Company by George & Pat von Borstel
  • Van Gilder Family by George W. Howard
  • Bryant Letters, Part Two by Sherry Kaseberg
  • Red Cross Auxiliaries, Part Two by Chris Sanders

#23-1, 2005

  • May, Coffey & Zevely by Sherry Kaseberg, Jean Zevely Anderson, Mary Zevely Fraser, Grace Zevely Busse, Grace Busse Zeamer, Tom May & Eric Knudsen
  • Grace Busse & DeMoss Band by Grace M. Zevely Busse
  • Albin Balzer’s 1921 RR Section Diary
  • John Day River: Porter & Fox by George L. Fox, Jr.

#23-2 Fall 2005

  • Stewart Family by Richard Stewart
  • Murray Family by Virginia Sammy  Murray Reynolds
  • Ross, Thompson & Starvation Point by Frances Ross Thompson
  • Armsworthy by Peggy Clark
  • Woodworth & Locust Grove United Brethren Church by Mark Fields

#24-1 2006 Spring

  • Reprint of #1-1


#25-1 Summer 2007

  • Writing “A Sweetness to the Soul” by Jane Kirkpatrick, Author
  • Sherar’s Grade by Donald von Borstel
  • Sherar’s Bridge by Bertha Belshe in They Paved the Way
  • John Day River Homesteading by Bill Slack
  • The Homesteaders by Bee Macnab
  • Birds of Sherman County by Kathy Thompson
  • Sherman County Bighorn Sheep by Kathy McCullough
  • 1920s Courtship of Abbie Mortensen & Carl Melzer
  • Joe Weber by Sheila Weber

#25-2 December 2007

  • Charley McAllister by Kathy McCullough
  • WWII Stories [flying] excerpted from earlier issues
  • B-17 Collision WWII by Teresa K. Flatley
  • Crop Dusting by Kathy McCullough
  • List of Sherman County Pilots by Tom Eakin
  • Strong-Watkins by Zachary Blaylock

#26-1 2008

  • Flying
    • Joe Harvey, Dick Skiles, Patrick J. Sharp, Edward J. Sharp, Donald von Borstel, Keith Christiansen, Don Mobley, Larry Kaseberg, Jane & Jerry Kirkpatrick & Brett Gray
  • Short Takes: Frank Green, Gordon Hilderbrand, Daryl Melzer, Nell Melzer, Jerry Barnett,             Teresa Fridley, Dave Miller, Orville & Keith Blaylock, Fritz Watkins, Alvin “Laddie” Lash, Brian Lash, Cal Butler, John Shearer & Kathy McCullough.
  • Kent’s Flying Farmers by Patty French Moore
  • Wind Power by Curly & Vada DeMoss, Nell Melzer, Brian Simantel & Melanie Belshe

#26-2 Winter 2008 – The Rajneesh & Sherman County

  • Sherman County is Formed by Patty French Moore
  • Sherman County & Rajneeshees on the Muddy Ranch by Julie Reynolds
  • A Land of Sheltered Promise, Historical Novel about the Muddy Ranch by Jane Kirkpatrick
  • The Big Muddy and Rajneeshees by Antelope Attorney Keith Mobley
  • Verne Mobley, Sr., Mayor of Antelope 1979-1980 by Krista Mobley Coelsch
  • Margaret Hill, Mayor of Antelope 1981-1982 by Julie Reynolds
  • Sandy Macnab, OSU Agricultural Extension Agent by Julie Reynolds
  • Sherman County Court by Julie Reynolds
  • Rajneesh Impressions: Short Takes by Mary Anne Macnab, Jean McKinney, Sandy Macnab, John Schadewitz, Jerry Lohrey, Sharon Spencer, Kathy McCullough, Keith Mobley, Mike Weedman, Jon Justesen, Cal McDermid, Arlone Stradley, Alan & Judy von Borstel, Dale Padget, Kim Burnet McKinney, Collin Kaseberg, Mike Gutfleisch, Mary Macnab, Sharon Hartley & Leo Coelsch
  • Young Life & Washington Family Ranch Camp
  • Dan Durow, Wasco County Planner by Kathy McCullough
  • The First Murder Trial in Sherman County by Kristin von Borstel

#27-1 2009

  • Floods & Freezes by Julie Reynolds
  • Hard Winter 1861-1862 by Anita Kenny Drake
  • Winter 1884 by Giles French & Charles McAllister
  • Columbia River Flood 1894 by Curt Tom & Bliss Clark
  • Winter 1915-1916 by Giles French
  • Hay Canyon Cloudburst 1916 by The Sherman County Observer
  • Thanksgiving Snow Storm 1921 by The Sherman County Observer
  • Rain Storm 1923 by The Sherman County Observer
  • Hail & Flash Flood 1963 by The Dalles Chronicle & Cathy von Borstel Behm
  • Extreme Weather Data
  • Mid-Columbia Flood 1996 by The Dalles Reminder & The Dalles Chronicle 1996

#27-2 2009

  • 1964 Christmas Flood by Sherman County Journal
  • Christmas Flood in Helm Canyon by Doug Reid
  • Hay Canyon Flood
  • John Day River Bridge Collapse from The Oregonian, Julie Reynolds
  • Accidents & Fatalities from The Dalles Chronicle
  • Farmers’ Snow Watch by Sandy Macnab, Sherman County Extension Agent
  • Biggs & Rufus Short Takes: from Sherman County Journal, Elaine Kelley Kalista & others
  • Wasco Electric Cooperative & Rufus Flooding in Northwest Ruralite 1965
  • Grass Valley & Kent Short Takes: Sherman County Journal, Carsten von Borstel, Ted von Borstel, The Dalles Chronicle.
  • Wasco & Moro Short Takes: Sherman County Journal, Charlie Decker, Linda Macnab Krafsic, John Krafsic, Mary Coats Macnab, Teresa Fridley, Joe Thomas, Tom Coats, Shirley & Orville Blaylock, Gary “Bo” Macnab, Lee Kaseberg, Joan Coles, Helen Macnab, Devyn Shull, Malcolm McKinney, Terry Kaseberg, Penny Eakin, Elaine Melzer Richelderfer, Debbie Melzer Brown, Doris Alley, They Paved the Way by Bertha Belshe and Roadmaster Lloyd Gosson.
  • End of the Railroad by John H. Due in The Effects of Railroad Abandonment on Agricultural Areas, A Case Study, Illinois Agricultural Economics 1975
  • A Simple Railroad Artifact by Michael McKenzie
  • Rainfall & Temperature Records from the Sherman County Journal December 1964.

#28-1 2010 Fires

  • Harvest Fires by Don Thompson
  • Fire by Sandy Macnab
  • Deschutes Canyon Fire 1985 by Ron McDermid
  • Fire! By Inez Porter Sargent
  • Grass Valley Fires by Shawn Payne
  • Flames on Starvation Lane by Jane Kirkpatrick
  • Smith Canyon Fire by Terri Earl
  • Wasco Fire Department by Cheryl Rhodes
  • Day Before Christmas Fire by Eva Miller Bear
  • Short Takes by Tom Martin, Joe Harvey, Leo Coelsch, Ken Melzer, Jared Weedman, Sam Miller and Erin Weedman.

#28-2 2010 Horses

  • Horse Tails by Doug Reid
  • Fraser Belgium Six-Horse Hitch by Tom Fraser, Jr.
  • King Fritz, A Legend by Shirley Blaylock
  • The Van Gilder Arabians by Dee Van Gilder
  • Appaloosa Horses by Donald D. Thompson
  • Thompson Horses by Karen Thompson Umemoto
  • Horses & Change by Amanda Perisho
  • 129 Years of Horses by Sharon Spencer
  • Sherman County Fair Queens
  • Sherman County Fair by Patty French Moore
  • Short Takes by Deanna Padget, Barb Weedman, Arlene Macnab Slattum, Roseanna Hulse, Sharon Coelsch Spencer, Jill Nogle Milton Fletcher, Carol Jacobsen Olmstead, Pete Macnab, Wilma Gentry Gale and Paula King
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