Trustees meet monthly, under the leadership of the President, who appoints Society committees who work under his or her direction, including: Publications, Nominating, Finance, Education,  Planning, Membership, Marketing and Buildings and Grounds. 

Museum Hosts are recruited, trained, supervised and rewarded by the Volunteer Coordinator. They operate the Museum, in rotation, on a daily basis during business hours. Serving in teams of two or three for a day or two each month, May through October, they greet visitors, operate The Museum Store and provide visitor services. By all accounts,  visitors find these folks helpful, friendly and interesting. 

Hosts are selected on the basis of their willingness and desire to serve and learn, pleasant personality and appearance, dependability, integrity and commitment to Society and Museum policy.  Hosts, serving on the front lines where first impressions are important, are considered unpaid staff members. They are assured of respect, reasonable schedules, appropriate and required annual training, intellectual and cultural stimulation, and shared recognition and pride in the work of the Museum.

The Museum Team comprises The Museum Store Team, Security Team, Volunteer Coordinator, Genealogy File Coordinator, Collections Management Team [acquisitions, collections and exhibits] and the Museum Coordinator, who coordinates the work of the Team, recruits and trains. Emphasis for this behind-the-scenes and off-season work is on striving for excellence, consensus and team-playing, the basis for the success of this all-volunteer operated museum!

Volunteers are always needed and welcome! The governance structure is formed to provide many small assignments to balance the work load. Tasks include research, writing, exhibit production, filing, painting, telephoning, marketing and hosting the museum. Training is not an option for it establishes a strong foundation for public service and confidence in the volunteers.

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