Sherman County: For The Record

Sherman County: For the Record is the twice-yearly historical anthology published by the Sherman County Historical Society in Moro, Oregon. The many authors who contributed to For the Record provide a window into the past with memoirs, official records and photographs. In each issue is a record of memorial contributions to the Society.

In summary, the subjects are listed by volume and number beginning in 1983.  Actual titles are not used unless they clearly reflect the content of the work. The records compiled from Klickitat County, WA and Wasco County, OR marriages are for those identified as Sherman County residents.

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The Plow 
A twice -yearly newsletter informs and educates members on a variety of subjects, including programs, progress, finance, exhibits, museum operation, education, governance and the collections.  Members and donors of funding and objects for the collections are recognized in each issue, volunteers and members are recognized for outstanding contributions and performance and, as appropriate, notice of the annual meeting, a financial statement and a calendar of events are published.

Sherman County: For The Record  
Readers of a remarkable twice-yearly 60 page historical anthology enjoy local history compiled and written by local people with illustrations and photographs from the Museum collections or the authors. Published since 1983, For The Record brings to life the good times, the hard times, the economy and the entertainment of life in Sherman County. A record of memorial gifts to the Society are printed in this publication.

A Guide to the Oregon Trails in Sherman County 
A Guide to the Oregon Trails in Sherman County (a brochure) is designed for a hands-on visit. Descriptions and a map of the route, with diary quotes, make a tour of the accessible Trail segments an interesting, worthwhile experience.

Oregon Trails, Rails and Roads in Sherman County  
Oregon Trails, Rails and Roads in Sherman County is a supplement to the interpretive exhibit of the same name. This brochure designed by Jeanney McArthur won an honorable mention award in the publications and graphic design competition sponsored by the American Association of Museums in 1993. It tells the story of The Tenino Indian Trails, early explorers, Oregon Trail pioneers and the Sherman County settlers using objects from the Museum's collections, photographs, maps, illustrations and hands-on activities. The Exhibit Team comprised Museum volunteers who contributed vast amounts of time, talent and expertise, professional designers and a guest scholar.

Sherman County Resources  
A list of resources in and about Sherman County to aid in your research.